About Zostuic

Our Story

Meet our happy clients and find why our products are the preferred choices. Zostuic is a young and excellent brand, starting in 2018.Today, our goal is to create a new voice for Zostuic, hoping to reinterpret fashion.We want it to be more professional and popular around the world. Zostuic is starting to offer affordable products and services to all.We have exported hundreds of products all over the world and our customers have became a fan of Zostuic. We love what we do, and we are committed to building Zostuic as a leading brand, so we create better ways to reinterpret the market to the next level.Hopefully we can share our ideas around the world. Whether you are a consumer, wholesaler or retailer, you will love Zostuic.Once you purchase our products, you will get our warranty and return promise, great lifetime after-sale online.

Photos are the most important thing to us

Taking pictures is the most widely useful way of documenting a way of life. It affects nostalgia for the past in more ways than most people imagine. We believe that a good digital camera can make life full of more expectations and warmth. Zostuic The digital kids video camera has multi-functions, supports 16X zoom, pause function, anti-shake, time-lapse, slow motion, continuous shoot, motion detection, face detection, self-timer, etc. We provide a one-year satisfaction warranty, along with a no-hassle replacement policy, any problem, please contact us for help. We think that most of the people want to keep the past, but its time (past) is not recurring. Therefore, the ancients could only pass on their culture and prove their existence through words, while as moderns, we can use photography to record our daily life more directly. If you like our digital cameras, please send us an email (ourzostuic@gmail.com), love your Zostuic with you, thank you!


Zostuic's management has many years of experience in the digital camera industry. We have multiple platform business license certificates on Amazon, Walmart, Alibaba and other platforms. To be precise, the new store we are currently building is a benefit for all users, and the price of goods in the store is 10% OFF compared to other platforms.

We're Still Small Enough

We're growing quickly but we're still small enough to serve you well. We plan to always have real people online one-on-one chat service. Whether you are consulting related product issues or chatting to pass the time, our service will accompany you one-on-one, and we always hold on not to abandon or give up and open our hearts to customers.

Where are we?

Zostuic is headquartered in Hong Kong and has R&D department located in Ontario. The majority of our in-house employees work in marketing, technical support, product definition, design and operations. We have strict control over the delivery time of products. Whether it is Asia, Europe or the United States, the goods are sent directly from the nearest warehouse, without the need to take international routes, allowing you to buy with confidence and no other expenses. All of this is done by Zostuic staff, so you can talk directly to people who know the status of your products and orders.