DC4 &DC3 Camera: How to Use AutoFocus Function

by Zostuic

DC4 &DC3 Camera: How to Use AutoFocus Function

The most attractive function for our DC4&DC3 camera is autofocus,but many people do not know clearly what this function is, and what it can help when taking photo.

Let's read to know more about it.

What's Autofocus?
Autofocus is a camera feature that allows the camera to automatically adjust its lens to focus on the subject of the photo.

What does it benifit when taking photo?
a. ensure that the subject is in sharp focus, which can improve the overall quality of the photo.
b. makes it easier for the photographer to capture fast-moving subjects or to take photos in low-light conditions.
c. be helpful for photographers who are not familiar with manual focus techniques or who have difficulty seeing the subject clearly through the viewfinder.

How to Use AutoFocus Function for DC4 &DC3 Camera?

a. In still image mode, predd the shutter button halfway down to focus

b. The focus frame will turn green after focus

c. Press the shutter button fully down to shoot micro image



Go and use your camera autofocus function now!!